Welcome to Chesters Journey!

Hi everyone. Welcome to chestersjourney.com which is basically a blog about Chester and our families journey through this incredibly tough time, which is Chester being diagnosed with a rare type of Leukaemia (Philadelphia positive ALL). His PH+ ALL diagnosis is rare in children and is more aggressive/harder to treat, meaning more intensive treatment and chemo.

After weeks of being ill and poorly, having episodes of spiking temperatures, and not being able to walk or move his arms, we finally got a diagnosis of Chester having the thing all parents would dread to hear, and that is Cancer.

We were on a roll and he was coming back as all Low Risk with his ALL diagnosis. But then we got the devasting news that he had B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), but with the rare Philadelphia Positive chromosome. Our hearts couldn’t sink any lower.

In the last few weeks, our lives have been turned upside down and we thought we would share our journey. If it helps others or you just want to keep up to date with what we have been through so far and what comes next, then please follow our story.